Young Entrepreneurs Need a Complete Insurance Portfolio

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Insurance for your life, business, home, and family

Starting your own business can be exhilarating, liberating, and terrifying. As an independent insurance agency, we know this first hand. But, despite the many risks and the long, grueling work hours, taking the chance on yourself and your dreams, doing something you love, and attaining financial security for yourself and your family might well worth it. One risk, however, that is not worth taking is trying to be the master of your own destiny without the safety net of great business insurance.

The right business insurance for your independent business in Colorado

Starting a business comes with great rewards and great risks. Work with an independent agent in Colorado to minimize those risks with the right business insurance.

Without business insurance, entrepreneurs are leaving themselves vulnerable to even more risks. You just never know what life is going to throw at you, yet we are all still operating under the assumption that bad things only happen to other people. But, if everyone thinks that, “other people” is “everybody”. You need to protect yourself and your business.

Insurance can help you protect your from:

  • Financial ruin due to fire, flood, theft, vandalism or unforeseen accidents or natural disasters
  • Liability in case of a slip and fall or other accident while on the job

Insurance looks good to clients and investors

Just because you are young, wild and “invincible” your investors and employees are not (and neither are you, sorry.) They want to feel that their job and their investments are protected. Being able to show that you take their investments seriously by having the right insurance will help investors feel more comfortable writing you a giant check. We know you just want to focus on making the best product possible and get it out to the world. That’s why we want to be your insurance partner.

independent insurance agent in Denver, Colorado

Work with Colorado’s number one independent insurance agents for all your insurance needs

Like you, we have become independent agents to be free to sell you any type of insurance from any insurance provider.

Like you, we are free to make our own rules.

Like you, we are not bound by any corporate chains. We are here to help you find the best insurance to protect your business, your life, your family, and your home.

Independent insurance agent for independent business owners in Colorado

Let us build you an insurance portfolio that not only protects your startup but will continue to protect you as your business and your family grows.

Work with an independent insurance agent to protect your independent life!

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