Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Home

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Winter is a tough time for your home. Providing proper maintenance for this season is key to keeping it in tip-top condition.

Keeping Your Home in Perfect Condition-Over the Winter

Every year, it is essential to take time to prep your home for the winter. By now, your home should be fully prepared to get through the toughest part of the winter. If not, here are some maintenance tips to help your home safely survive the remaining of the cold season:

  • Keep Your Home in Perfect ConditionTo protect against heat loss and drafts, caulk your windows and place weather stripping around your doors.
  • Keep your heat at no less than 55 degrees to avoid issues with the piping.
  • Keep doors inside the house open, even in unoccupied rooms to make sure the temperature is even throughout the house.
  • Make sure to know where your water pipes are located and how to shut off the water, in case of any pipe-freezing accidents.
  • Clean your gutters to avoid melting snow from not draining correctly.
  • Trim your trees and get rid of all tree branches that may be hanging over your home or driveway to prevent them from falling due to heavy snow or ice, and causing damage to your home or injuries to your family or guests.
  • Replace the batteries of your smoke detectors or fire alarms, if needed.
  • Keep snow shovels handy, as well as ice melting compound to get rid of the ice on the walkways.
  • Stock up on fuel and keep it in safety containers —but do not store it in your basement or near heat or flame. It will come in handy when you need to power generators or snow blowers.

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