Wildfire Insurance in Colorado

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When a wildfire strikes, it does not discriminate between homes and vehicles that are insured and those that are not. If you own a home, vacation home, or automobile in Colorado, you need to talk to your insurance agent about wildfire insurance coverage.

Wildfire insurance

Living in the Colorado Rocky Mountain range comes with breathtaking views and destructive wildfires.

Breathtaking views come at a price for Colorado homeowners

Every wildfire season in Colorado brings devastation and destruction. With more and more people moving to the Rocky Mountain Region, it is becoming increasingly important to take precaution. Homeowners living in a dangerous wildfire area should be aware of the risks, as well as the insurance impacts that come with living in the Red Zone.

The most destructive wildfire in Colorado’s history

June 2013 marks the date for the most costly and destructive wildfire in the history of Colorado wildfires. The Black Forest Fire took out 486 homes and resulted in over 4,173 home and auto insurance claims. The total cost of insurance losses were $420.5 million.

Wildfire insurance claims

Colorado wildfire insurance

Protect your home, vehicles, and family by getting wildfire insurance.

A fire can destroy an entire home, but there are many other types of insurance claims filed after a wildfire. Smoke damage to your home, vehicle, property, and personal belongings can be irreversible or costly to repair. When a home is destroyed or deemed unfit to live in, homeowners will file claims for living expense, as well as rebuilding the home. Water damage is also a big concern after a wildfire.

Wildfire insurance for your home or vehicle

Wildfires are costly to the insurance industry. However, an uninsured home destroyed by a wildfire can ruin a family financially. Not only have you lost your home, but you are solely responsible for the cleanup. Most families cannot afford to rebuild a new home without the help of their insurance agency.

Independent insurance agency in Colorado

Talk to one of our independent insurance agents about wildfire insurance for your home and vehicle.

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