When to Report a Car Accident

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The majority of auto accidents are minor accidents; gentle fender benders that don’t leave a lot of damage, backing into a parked car, or other seemingly harmless and victim-free accidents. However, no matter how insignificant you deem a car accident, you should always report the incident to your insurance provider – always!

Auto insurance in Colorado

Always exchange contact and insurance information if you have been at fault in a minor auto accident.

Accidents without significant damage

If an accident occurs that hasn’t resulted in any injuries to the persons involved, and only a small bump or scratch is visible, many car owners think that they can avoid telling the insurance company and handle the repairs themselves. Fear of increased auto insurance premiums or being deemed too big an insurance risk if you report a small accident is causing many to avoid involving the insurance company, but you may be setting yourself up for a much bigger bill in the future.

Reporting a minor auto accident

No matter how insignificant you deem the accident, you should immediately exchange insurance information and contact information with everyone involved, and then you need to call your insurance company.

Reporting an accident vs. filing an insurance claim

Auto insurance in Colorado

Protect yourself from false claims by immediately reporting an accident to your insurance provider.

The insurance company is there to protect you, but they can’t do that if you don’t loop them in when there has been an accident. If you were at fault in the accident, let your insurance company know how it happened and what damage was done (no matter how insignificant.) Informing your insurer will protect you if the other person comes back later with injuries or claims of more damage than you originally thought.

Just because you report the accident doesn’t mean that you have to file a claim and use your insurance.

Auto insurance in Colorado

Talk to your independent insurance agent in Colorado if you are unsure whether you should file a claim, or if it would make more sense financially to cover the costs yourself.

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