What You Need to Know About Temporary Car Insurance

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Get the Details on Short Term Car Insurance

Standard auto insurance policies are usually written for a term of no less than a year. But, what if you need coverage for less than that? This is when temporary or short-term car insurance comes in handy.

You may be wondering —what kind of circumstances would require someone to get short term car insurance? Let’s say someone comes to visit you from another country and temporarily needs a car, or maybe you’re in between cars, or you’re driving a car that doesn’t belong to you for a ride-sharing service, or you’re borrowing a car from a relative for some time. All these situations are some examples of when you’d need temporary car insurance because you’ll still want to protect the vehicle you’re driving, even if you’re not going to be driving it for years.

This type of insurance policy usually covers liability, comprehensive and collision coverage, medical payments, towing and more.

Get the Details on Short Term Car InsuranceWhat to Do Before Buying Temporary Car Insurance

Before you go out and get a short-term insurance policy for a vehicle, takes these tips into account.

Talk to the Owner of the Vehicle

If you’re going to be a driving a vehicle that doesn’t belong to you, talk to the owner before you do anything. Have them find out if they already have an insurance company, and if they do, ask if your use of the car is covered. Sometimes their own policy will cover you, and you can forget about it.

Find Out If Your Personal Car Insurance Covers a Temporary Car

Do you have a personal auto insurance policy? If so, it might cover a temporary car. Talk to your insurance agent and let them know about this situation. You might be pleasantly surprised.


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