What to Do in the Event of an Auto Accident

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Winter time in Colorado is always a dangerous time for drivers. With snow, ice, and sleet, driving conditions are much more temperamental than usual and drivers need to be extra careful. However, should you get into an auto accident, it’s important to know how to react.

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Always report an auto accident, even if there are no immediate signs of damage or injuries.

Accidents are scary, even the little ones, so the more you can inform yourself on the right way to handle an accident before it happens, the better.

Call 911 after an auto accident

If any person involved in the accident has suffered injuries, you need to call 911. Even if you think the injury is minor, a police report will help you get reimbursement from your insurance provider. What seems like a minor, insignificant injury can turn into bigger injuries in need of medical attention, so if you haven’t reported that injury immediately, you may not be able to get your insurance to pay for the expenses.

Sometimes, the true consequences of an injury won’t show up until days after the accident. The adrenaline from the scare of an accident may cause people not to realize that they have suffered an injury, so it is best to err on the side of caution and call 911 to have everyone checked out.

Get your cars and all parties involved out of harm’s way

If you can, get both vehicles and all people involved and off to the side of the road to avoid creating further hazards and obstructions for oncoming traffic. If you can’t move the vehicles out of the way, try to block off the accident area to alert other drivers on the road so that you don’t cause further accidents.

Auto insurance in Colorado

No matter how small the accident may be, always exchange insurance information and make a record of the accident.

Exchange insurance information and make a record of damage

Once you have protected everyone involved, exchange insurance information and take photos and video to record the accident and all the damage. The more information you can provide your insurance provider, the easier it will be to get compensated.

Every accident, regardless of damage or injuries sustained, should be recorded and reported to your auto insurance provider. This will protect you in case the other driver involved comes back later and claims bigger damages than what the accident caused.

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