Unlawful Boating Practices in Colorado

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Partying on a yacht is the height of luxury and success. If you’ve watched any music video lately, chances are you’ve seen glamorous people living it up on giant vessels, popping champagne, and having the time of their lives – but don’t be fooled. Owning and operating a boat comes with great responsibility, safety being the number one concern.

Unlawful boating practices

In the state of Colorado, there are many legal requirements to owning a boat, from proper registration to how to behave once you are out on the water. Before you go and spend a small fortune on a boat, make sure you familiarize yourself with the laws and follow all safety procedures.

Being on a boat is fun, but it can also be dangerous. Despite what you may see on TV or in magazines featuring supermodels and celebrities, take a minute to make sure that you aren’t putting yourself, your crew, or your guests in danger for the sake of mimicking the latest summer music video.

Insuring your boat in Colorado

Be mindful of other boaters on the water.

The Don’ts of Boating in Colorado

Do not…

  • Push your vehicle beyond the speed limit or become airborne at any time
  • Weave through other vessels on the water
  • Tailgate or sail too close to other vessels
  • Sunbathe on the bow deck (unless you are anchored)
  • Re-enact the “I’m king of the world” scene from Titanic
  • Overload your boat’s capacity
  • Drink and operate a vessel
  • Toke and operate a vessel

Here is a detailed account Colorado boating laws in pdf

Boat insurance Colorado

Boat safety never looked so good.

Boat insurance in Colorado

Before you buy a boat, talk to an independent insurance agent in your area. Get the right insurance to protect you, your boat, your crew, your guests, and fellow boaters in the case of an accident.

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