Traveling Over the Holidays? Don’t Forget Your Travel Insurance

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Travel Safe Over the Holidays with Travel Insurance

If you’re planning on spending the holidays abroad, there’s one thing that you cannot forget to prepare: your travel insurance. There’s always some unexpected situation happening on any trip. Travel insurance will protect you against the unforeseen and prevent your holiday from turning into a nightmare.

Types of Traveling Insurance

There’s more than just one kind of travel insurance. What you get will depend strictly on your needs.

pile of luggagesTheft Insurance or Baggage Loss

How many stories have you heard of people who got to their destination, but their bags didn’t? It’s a terrifying situation. Imagine being abroad with nothing but the clothes on your back! If your things are stolen, damaged, or lost on your trip, this type of insurance will cover it. Just be sure to read the requirements for making a claim, and what are the acceptable circumstances to ensure it is precisely what you need.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

All those non-refundable travel costs can become a real headache if your trip gets canceled. Even more so if you’re going on a long or expensive trip. Trip cancellation insurance is meant to give you a refund for all of those non-refundable costs. That is usually available at the time you book your flight, but it can’t always be included after purchasing your ticket.

Emergency Medical Travel Insurance

This is probably the most practical travel insurance on the market. If you were ever to incur emergency medical expenses while you’re traveling, having emergency medical insurance will come in handy, as it is meant to cover for those expenses. There are also certain situations in which it might not cover you, so be sure to go over the details with your agent, so you don’t come across any surprises later on.


You want your holiday travel to be unforgettable but for all the right reasons. :)

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