Three Tips for Avoiding a Fender Bender

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Fender-benders are the most annoying of all auto accidents. The annoyance factor comes from knowing that fender-benders are almost entirely avoidable, but it does require you to be alert, stay calm, and keep your distance.

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Be alert, slow down, and park within the designated parking lines to avoid fender-bender accidents.

Fender- benders and parking garages

Parking lots and parking garages are very fender-bender friendly. They are also a great source of aggravation and frustration to drivers. The tight quarters of parking lots and garages leaves plenty of room for dings, dents, and scratches. Next time you are in a parking structure, remind yourself of these three steps to avoiding a careless fender-bender.

1. KEEP FOCUS – When we enter a parking structure, we are so close to our final destination that we sometimes stop paying attention. You need to be alert and focused until you have safely parked your car in the parking structure. Parking garages often have tight corners and bad lighting, so you need to drive carefully and be alert at all times.

2. SLOW DOWN – Speeding is never a good idea, but parking garages are particularly dangerous if you are going too fast. People are always pulling in and out of parking spaces, the turns are tight, and there are pedestrians everywhere. Take your time finding a parking spot, leave plenty of room around you, plenty of room to stop, and plenty of room for pedestrians to walk about and find their cars. Going slow will help avoid an accident and show respect for your fellow drivers.

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Park within the lines to avoid other drivers scratching, denting, or dinging your car.

3. PARK WITHIN THE LINES – There’s nothing more frustrated than finally finding a parking spot and then having to squeeze in there because some fool didn’t respect the lines. Make sure you are parked properly in designated parking spots, allowing others to park next to you, as well as being able to exit the parking garage without having to maneuver around your poor parking skills. Parking outside of the lines leads to scratches and dings from people opening their doors and hitting your car.

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Being a careful, alert, and courteous driver will help prevent many auto accidents both in and outside of a parking structure. However, you still need proper auto insurance in case the unexpected should happen. Auto accidents, from fender-benders to multi-car pileups, are expensive.

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