The Problem with Cheap Insurance

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The biggest problem with cheap insurance is that it leaves many people grossly underinsured, and completely unaware. Once you find out your coverage is inadequate, it’s too late. The damage is done, and someone has to pay. Find out if you have the right insurance coverage before it’s too late and you’re stuck with a bill you can’t afford.

You get what you pay for

Tips to buying insurance in Colorado

Take you time when you are buying insurance. Don’t just run towards the cheapest deal.

Cheap insurance sounds great. It sounds like a great deal for the buyer. Cheap coverage sounds like a bad deal. Somehow, when you remind clients of the coverage, the word cheap is no longer so appealing. The last thing you want when there has been an accident, injury, or another disaster, is to find out that your coverage is inadequate. So, next time an insurance company is touting “cheap insurance” think “cheap coverage.”

Cheap homeowners insurance

Having an underinsured home can end up being a lot more costly to the homeowner than paying a little more to get the right coverage. Cheap homeowners insurance often leaves you underinsured, and you won’t even realize it until you are standing in the middle of an insurance claim disaster. Often, homeowners find out the hard way that they are not covered for flood, earthquake, and hurricane damage.

Independent insurance agent in Colorado

Isn’t it time you talked to an independent agent to get the best deal AND the best coverage?

But, when your home has been rocked by natural disasters, the toll is more than just the broken glass and shingles that need to be replaced. The emotional aftermath of living through a natural disaster can be overwhelming, not to mention expensive. When you’ve just lost your home, you need your insurance to be your saving grace, helping you to rebuild and heal. Cheap insurance is the friend who leaves you in a lurch when you need them the most. The friend that turns out not to be a friend after all.

Get the best deal on your insurance coverage

Just because you shouldn’t buy cheap insurance doesn’t mean you can’t look for the best deal possible. When you work with an independent agent, you get multiple bids, from multiple carriers. With an agent by your side, you know that you are getting the insurance you need. For real!

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