How to Take Care of Your Boat This Spring?

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If you spent all winter waiting to get back in the water this spring, it’s that time! Just take a few steps to make sure your boat is in tip-top condition.

Spring Boat Maintenance Tips for a Fun and Safe Ride

There are many reasons to look forward to spring. No more snow, blooming trees and flowers, and for the lovers of the water, the chance to take their boats out for a spin. Now, you could live in the moment and just head out into the water the minute it stops snowing, but it might not be the safest approach. Your boat has been through a period of inactivity, so it’s only natural there are certain things that need to be checked before you can safely use it.

Take a day to start working on your boat and check the essentials before hitting the water:

Check the Battery

During winter, your boat was probably just sitting there, waiting for the next opportunity to go on an adventure. Months have gone by since it was last used, and that tends to wear out the battery, so it might low or dead by now. Not a good time to venture out into the water. Make sure you charge your battery or change it if need be.

Spring Boat Maintenance Tips for a Fun and Safe RideFill Up the Fuel Tank

No one wants to end up stuck in the middle of the water with an empty tank. Fuel it up before you go.

Give the Engine a Check

Other than making sure everything looks good before leaving, confirm there are no loose clamps, check the spark plugs and repair them if needed, check the belts, hoses, and cables. Make sure everything’s running smoothly.

Make It Look Like New

Give it a quick clean. Detail it as much as you prefer, but don’t forget to add a coat of wax to protect the paint and finish.

Check for Boat Essentials

Don’t even think of leaving without confirming you have life jackets for everyone who’s coming, including yourself. Be sure to only use those jackets that are in perfect condition and replace the rest. Make sure you have flashlights, first aid kit, and fire extinguishers.

If you still feel like you’re forgetting something, maybe it’s insurance. At AAI Central Agency in Colorado, we can help you protect those things you care about, like your boat, while providing you with great customer service that you can trust for years to come.

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