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Love may be irrational, but you don’t have to be

It’s wedding season. No one is as busy this time of year as wedding planners. Weddings take a long time to plan, and they always cost a lot more money than you budgeted. But when it comes to weddings, people notoriously ignore their bank statements and go for broke. If you are risking the better portion of your savings to plan the perfect wedding, make sure you get insurance in case something unforeseeable happens that may cancel or postpone your wedding.

Getting wedding insurance is the rational, smart thing to do. Once you’ve protected your money, you can get lost in the fantasy and the planning as you hit up florists, bakers, venues, and of course, shop for the perfect dress.

Wedding insurance from independent agent in Colorado

Get insurance in case this beautiful cake is destroyed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Get the wedding insurance that is right for your wedding

You just never know what mother nature has in store, and there’s only going to be one wedding. What happens if natural disasters, illnesses, or (God forbid) death should prevent your wedding party from arriving for your Big Day? What happens if a vendor goes out of business taking your deposit with them? Or your wedding dress gets lost in transit to your destination wedding? What happens if fire or theft cause damage to gifts, rings, decorations, or photographs?

You can protect yourself from most incidents and accidents that will disrupt or destroys the most important aspects of your wedding. But, every policy is different, every insurance company offers different types of coverage. To find the best insurance for your special day, work with an independent agent who can shop multiple carriers finding the perfect policy to protect what is supposed to be the best day of your life.

Independent insurance agent in Colorado

Get insurance in case a vendor goes out of business before your big day.

The average wedding in the US is around $25,000

Now, we don’t know about you, but I’d want a guarantee that I am getting what I paid, and if something goes wrong, we get our money back. Not many people can risk losing that amount of cash in case the wedding doesn’t go according to plan. And, most weddings end up costing a lot more than that. Even the rich won’t risk losing their wedding budget due to unforeseen circumstances.

Committing to a life of love and happiness with one person is a risk worth taking. Going broke due to a cancelled wedding is not. Now you just have to make sure you both make it to the vows because a runaway bride or groom is the one thing for which you won’t get coverage.

Wedding insurance from Independent agency in Colorado

Get insurance in case someone in your wedding party is unable to attend due to illness, injury, or death.

We wish you a life of love and happiness!

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