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Let’s be honest! No matter how much you plan your wedding to perfection, there’s always a chance something might go wrong. Why suffer through it if you can guard against it?

What You Need To Know About Wedding Insurance

Can you imagine the wedding gown ripping at the last minute, or being stood up by the limo driver? We can try to ignore it, but a lot of things could go south on your big day. Since you’re making a large investment on your wedding, why not protect it?

What Exactly Is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is a policy designed to protect you financially in case something ends up wrecking your wedding day, or it’s been postponed or canceled.

Is It Necessary?

Necessary like a marriage a license? No, but it is like purchasing a little peace of mind in case something does go wrong. However, the urgency to get it depends on three things:

  1. How much you’re investing on your wedding
  2. Whether or not you consider it relevant to protect that investment
  3. How concerned you are about things not going as perfectly as you planned

Why Should I Get Wedding Insurance?

Protect Your Investment With Wedding Insurance

Protect Your Investment With Wedding Insurance

What could be so terrible, right? Maybe the limo driver going MIA on your big day doesn’t sound too dramatic to you, but in reality, there are tons of circumstances that we cannot control which might be worth protecting against.

  • What if the groom’s tuxedo (custom made) gets lost in airport baggage?
  • What if a family member is gravely injured in an accident before the wedding and you just need to postpone? What’s going to happen with the cake, the caterer, and everything else you invested in?
  • What if the wedding reception venue cancels on you under really short notice?

All these examples have one thing in common. They lead to you having great financial losses, not to mention the stress, and that is not exactly the way to kick off a marriage, is it? Fortunately, the right wedding insurance policy can have your back in case any of that happens.

Happy Wedding With Wedding InsuranceNow, before you make any decisions, check with your vendors and see how they’re covered and how that coverage protects you. Certainly, you wouldn’t want to purchase unnecessary coverage with your own money. Once you’ve figured out if you have a need for wedding insurance, talk to your agent to determine what’s best for you and learn more about the types of policies, what they cover, and how much they cost. At AAI Central Agency, we’re here to advise you and help protect your interests.

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