Make Your 2016 DUI Free!

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Make a 2016 resolution that may save your life: No DUI

Despite everything we know and everything we’ve been told about the dangers of drunk, drugged, or distracted driving, celebrations and holidays, for some people,  make all of our good senses fly right out the window. As independent insurance agents, we know that this time of year lots of auto accident happen, so this is just a friendly invitation to all our fellow Coloradans  for 2016: stay safe and sober if you are going to be driving.

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Colorado is tough on DUI. This holiday season and New Year’s Eve there will be extra police presence to deter and catch drunk drivers.

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Colorado’s law enforcement officers are on high alert in the coming weeks and The Heat is ON campaign is in full force. The extra presence of police is meant to remind and deter people from driving under the influence. If you are planning on driving from party to party, make sure that you are the designated driver.

Now, we know that you are probably ready a bunch of websites that try to guestimate how much a persona can legally drink based on body weight and type of alcohol, but there are many factors that can affect how even one drink will affect your driving. So, instead of figuring out what you may or may not be able to get away with, eliminate any chance of causing an accident or being arrested and stick to non-alcoholic beverages if you are driving home.

Colorado's DUI campaing the Heat is ON.

As you start 2016, for all upcoming things you’ll celebrate this year, if you drink, don’t drive. 

Colorado has extra police on the street to catch drunk, drugged, and distracted drivers

Lack of food, lack of sleep, stress, and other distractions are part of how alcohol will affect your, and even without alcohol, all of these things can lead to impaired driving. You are not only putting yourself at risk, but anyone around you, from other drivers to pedestrians are also at risk of being hurt due to your negligence.

Be safe this holiday season and ring in the New Year accident, and insurance claim free!

Happy 2016, Colorado!

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