Practice Fire Safety with the Whole Family

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Teaching kids about fire safety

Every homeowner should have a plan in case of a fire. There should be a clear escape route from every room in the house, and safety measures put in place to warn you and your family, like smoke detectors and fire alarms. But, all of this doesn’t mean anything if you don’t get your kids involved.

Planning your fire escape route

Every person in the home, including the children, should know what to do in case a fire breaks out. That means sitting down as a family and making an escape plan and then practicing a few fire drills so that your kids know exactly what to do. We have fire drills at school, and work, why wouldn’t you also have a few drills in your home?

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Plan a meeting spot outside for the family to gather in case of a house fire.

  • If you have young children who cannot get out by themselves, know how you are going to get from your bedroom to the kids room so that you can help them get to safety.
  • You should plan for two escape routes from every room in the house, if possible. Especially your bedrooms.
  • You should assign a meeting place outside so that everyone gathers in the same place and you can easily make sure that every person in the house got out safely.
  • Teach your kids to dial 911, and practice your address and phone number in case you are not there to make the call.
  • Teach your kids to feel for heat on door knobs before grabbing them to open a door. If a fire is right outside your bedroom, the heat could cause a doorknob to be scorching hot, causing burns and injuries. Never open a door without carefully checking to see if there is heat coming from the other side.
  • Make sure your kids know how to open the window in their bedroom in case they need to get out that way.
  • Teach your kids that smoke rises up, so if the room is filled with smoke, get low, crawl on the ground, and try to avoid inhaling too much smoke.
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Information saves lives

Some of this can be frightening to a child, but not knowing how to deal with the emergency, and how to react in case of a fire can be deadly. And, the more you teach your kids, the more you practice fire safety, as well as practice a few fire drill, the more comfortable you kids will be should the real thing happen.

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We can’t help you plan your escape route, but we can make sure that you have the best home insurance to cover any damage or loss in case of a fire. You just make sure your family is safe, we’ll take care of everything else.

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