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Hey, it’s 2016, and you’re still driving around in a 2015 model?!

Getting a new car, even a new-used car, is awesome. It doesn’t matter that it’s not the latest 2016 model of whatever you’re driving. But, with a new car comes new responsibilities. Not only do you not want to mess up your brand new whip, but you also don’t want to drive around uninsured because you forgot to switch your insurance, or worse, your old insurance just isn’t good enough.

Colorado auto insurance broker

Talk to you independent broker to find out if your old insurance will cover your new car.

Your old auto insurance may not cover your new car

Every car is different, every driver is different, so it make sense that your insurance for each vehicle should be different as well. When people get a new car, all they want to do is drive it around, and show it off and share it on every social media network they can think of, but the one person they forget to share it with is their insurance agent.

We don’t want to sound like the whiny kids who didn’t get an invitation to the birthday party, but it would be nice if you would let us in on your plans. And, we promise we’ll be super excited while we’re quietly going over our many choices of premier insurance companies that have just the right policy for you and your new car.

Get auto insurance from an independent Colorado insurance broker

Before you hit the open road in your new car, make sure you have the right insurance policy.

Talk to you insurance agent before purchasing a new car

If you’re smart, you’ll hit up your agent and let them know what cars you are thinking of buying. The type of car you are looking at will have an impact on the insurance that is best. We say money doesn’t matter, we all know that it does. So, don’t go spending all of your money on a brand new car that you can’t afford to insure.

Are you really going to drive your new car around with your old insurance? We think not! Your car deserves better than last years insurance policy. After all, it’s going to be taking you to places you never dreamed. Your car will be there for every special occasion, every job interview, every road trip, and every after school activity. This car is going to be carrying precious cargo, so make sure that you have the right insurance.

New insurance for your new car in Colorado

Auto accidents can happen to anyone. Make sure you have the right policy to protect you, your car, and your passengers.

If you are working with an agent at AAI Central, you already have a leg up in the game. All you have to do is call us, and we’ll take care of finding the perfect policy, and you can go back to dreaming of riding off into the sunset on an empty highway.

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