Meeting with an Independent Agent for the First Time? Learn How to Prepare

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Independent insurance agents provide a set of advantages that captive agents can’t. To ensure that your first meeting with your independent insurance agent is successful, being prepared is essential.

How to Prepare to Meet with Your Independent Insurance Agent?

Choosing an insurance agent is about finding someone that truly understands your needs and can help you find what you need to protect your interests. Once you’ve made an appointment with an independent insurance agency, the first meeting is crucial. Here are some tips to ensure that you make the most out of your first meeting.

Analyze Your Insurance Needs

Before you head into your new independent insurance agents office, be sure to analyze and understand what you want to be covered. Are you interested in a life insurance, health insurance? This is the first step towards a successful first meeting.

How to Prepare to Meet with Your Independent Insurance AgentThink About Your Budget

Decide how much you want to spend on insurance but consider this: the more risk the insurance companies assume for you, the higher your rates will be. Take a moment to think about your deductible. Higher deductibles will lower your rates but in the event of a claim, you will be paying for more of the costs. Decide what’s best for you.

Learn About Your New Independent Insurance Agency

Find out more about the agency you’re about to do business with. Visit their website to get more information or feel free to contact them to ask any questions. It’s also good to find out which companies they represent, in case you have a preference.

Show Up Prepared

Doing a little homework never hurts. Be prepared to answer questions about your previous and current insurance policies. Give your new agent a call before your meeting to confirm if they’ll need you to bring any material with you, like a copy of your driver’s license if you’re looking for auto insurance, or your medical history if you’re looking for health insurance.

Anyone can sell insurance but if you’re looking to develop a long-term relationship with an agency that will give you the attention and advice you deserve, AAI Central can give you exactly what you’re looking for. Let’s talk!

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