Liability Insurance for Hunting Season

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Hunting season is upon us, and for landowners, this could spell trouble if enthusiastic hunters decide to enter your property to catch their trophy. If you’re fortunate enough to own a large piece of property with plenty of wildlife to attract hunters, make sure that you have enough liability insurance on your property in case someone gets hurt or injured.

Proper signage on your property

Liability insurance for hunting season

Winter hunting conditions are ripe for accidents. Make sure you have enough liability insurance if you allow hunters on your property.

If you want your land to be hunt-free, protecting the wildlife that lives there and keeping it all to yourself, then you need to make sure that your entire property line is properly marked, discouraging hunters from entering.

If your property is properly marked and you’re clear that hunters are not allowed, then your liability insurance should not cover an injured party that trespasses onto your property.

However, if your property line isn’t clearly marked, or you don’t have signs warning hunters and trespassers to stay off your property, then you could risk liability if an accident occurs while they are on your land, even if you didn’t invite them there.

Allowing hunting on your property

If you invite hunters onto your property, either by allowing them to pass freely or leasing your land for hunting season, you have now made yourself liable if anything should go wrong. Since you have invited hunters onto your property, or are making a profit, you are now acting as a landlord, or as a host, making you liable for any accidents and any injuries that your tenants and guests may sustain.

Leasing your property to hunters

Avoid liability for hunting accidents on your Colorado land

If you want your land to be a sanctuary for wildlife during hunting season, make sure you have proper signage warning off trespassers to avoid liability.

Once you are making a profit off of leasing your land to hunters, your home insurance or umbrella insurance may not cover any accident, as you are now running a business from your home. Making money off of hunting season by charging people to enter your property requires you to have liability insurance for your home business.

Talk to an insurance agent about liability insurance

Before you allow people onto your property for hunting, either for profit or not-for-profit, talk to your independent insurance agent to make sure you have the enough liability insurance coverage.  We know that all hunters practice safety first, but carrying loaded weapons, facing large animals (a moose or an elk is no joke!), and slippery winter weather conditions can lead to some serious accidents.

Don’t get caught underinsured.

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