Is Your Colorado Home Insured for Flash Floods?

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Flash floods happen quickly, without warning (in a flash), and are unpredictable. The only thing predictable about a flash flood is that they can happen anywhere, and your home insurance policy won’t cover the damages. As independent agents living in Colorado, we implore all of our clients, as well as all Colorado homeowners, to contact an agent and talk about flood insurance.

Flash floods are the most dangerous type of flood

Flood insurance

Flash floods are unpredictable and can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home. Make sure you add flood insurance to your Colorado homeowner’s insurance.

It’s a scenario that we read about all too often in the news – not just here in Colorado, but in all 50 states. Homeowners have inadequate insurance for their home but don’t realize this until they are standing ankle deep in flash flood water. Even a few inches of water can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage – more than most homeowners can handle without the help of their insurance.

According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL), flash floods are the most dangerous, mostly due to their speed and unpredictability.

Areas at risk for flash floods

Cities and densely populated areas

In a city where the ground cannot absorb excess rainwater and there are plenty of smooth surfaces for the rain to travel quickly (buildings, bridges, sidewalks, roads), the excess run-off increases the chance for a flash flood.

Flash flood insurance

Flash floods can happen anywhere and will require more than rain boots and an umbrella.

Of course, most cities have underground drainage, but in particular heavy rainstorms, the storm drains can be overwhelmed, causing flooding in basements, underground parking structures, and underpasses.

Homes by streams and rivers

Living near rivers or dams can also pose a potential risk of flash flood damage.

Mountain homes

If you’re living in the foothills of Colorado or near the mountains, you could be at risk for flash flooding. Rocky and saturated ground don’t absorb a lot of water, causing all of the runoff to flood the ground and nearby homes.

Flood insurance for Colorado home

No one is completely safe from the destructive nature of flash floods. Don’t get caught off-guard. Always be alert after severe rain and thunderstorms, watch the news, and talk to an independent agent about your options for a flash flood insurance addition to your homeowner’s insurance policy.

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