Is Your Business Vehicle Insured?

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Protect Your Business Vehicle with Commercial Car Insurance

Businesses commonly use vehicles for their operation. Does yours?

Many company owners opt for using their personal vehicles for business purposes. Suppose a personal car insurance policy only covers this vehicle. In that case, you’ll need a different type of insurance policy to cover any business-related incidents that your car may face.

Whether you use your personal vehicle for business purposes or have a designated vehicle for your business, commercial car insurance is necessary.

Why Should I Get Commercial Car Insurance?

Commercial car insurance may seem similar to personal car insurance, and in many ways, it is. The difference lies in the fact that this type of auto insurance was designed specifically for vehicles that are used for business.

Business truckWith commercial car insurance, you can protect many types of vehicles, including work vans, delivery vans or trucks, company cars, food trucks, dump trucks, and more. A commercial car insurance policy may offer collision and liability coverage for the vehicle and its drivers.

Your liability coverage will help pay for things like medical costs and repairs for other people involved in an accident. In contrast, collision coverage will pay for repairs and medical expenses for your vehicle and yourself if you cause an accident. If you plan on having other people drive your business vehicle, you should have non-owned coverage as part of your commercial car insurance policy.

Another positive thing about this type of car insurance is that your liability coverage limits will likely be higher than you would generally get through a personal car insurance policy. This is great to have if you are ever sued because of an accident you or your employees caused.

In addition to collision and liability coverage, commercial car insurance may cover a wide variety of things, like:

  • Rental vehicle costs, whether you need it to transport your clients or employees or as a temporary replacement for your business vehicle in Colorado.
  • Damage inflicted by other drivers who are not insured or are underinsured.
  • Damage caused by vandalism, falling objects, nature-related events, or theft.

To learn more about commercial car insurance, talk to your insurance agent. They will help you answer all your questions, guiding you to the best commercial car insurance policy for your needs.

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