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Graduation is upon us, and proud parents across the nation are celebrating their kids. However, what comes next requires some serious consideration. Now that your child is on their own and heading out into the real world, it’s important to protect them in any way that you can. Helping them get the right insurance is the first step to giving your graduate a secure start in life.

Health insurance

Health insurance can be overwhelming. Working with an independent insurance agent that can shop around the marketplace for the best health insurance is the easiest and most efficient way to get the best coverage. Whether your child is staying on your plan or purchasing their own, our agents can guide you through the maze of health insurance options.

Renters insurance Colorado

Don’t assume your possessions are covered by your landlord’s home insurance. Get renters insurance to protect your belongings in case of theft or fire.

Renters insurance

No more dorm rooms, no more living at home; it’s time for your kid to spread their wings and fly away to their own apartment. Most likely, they won’t be buying a home, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that your stuff is covered by your landlord’s home insurance.

Life insurance

Think you’re too young for life insurance? Think you don’t need it because it’s only you and you don’t have a family yet? Think again. Life insurance can help young people with all kinds of life events once you get there, from buying a home to protecting your future family. Plus, purchasing a life insurance policy while you are still young, healthy, and carefree will be more cost effective than waiting until you really need it.

auto insurance Colorado

Your wouldn’t send your graduate off in a car with no seat belts. Don’t send them off without proper auto insurance, either.

Auto insurance

You need auto insurance, and you need the right coverage so that you are protected against the worst accident imaginable. Auto insurance can even protect you if you get in an accident with an uninsured driver. The cheapest auto insurance is never the best. Make sure you are properly protected, even if it means paying a little more in monthly premiums.

Colorado independent insurance agent

Talk to one of our agents about the best insurance policies for your college graduate.

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