How to Prevent Damage to Your Business Property Part 2

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Prevention and Safety Measures Will Keep Your Business Going

Your business is a significant investment that needs protection. In part one of this article, we gave you some tips to protect your business from thieves and electrical surges, which are prevalent causes for loss. When an event interrupts your regular operation, your business takes a hit and depending on the event; it can be hard to get back on track if you don’t have a plan in place before it even happens. Here are two more tips to help you protect your business:

Prevent and Manage Water Damage

Water damage represents a big problem for any company. In addition to requiring you to spend the big bucks cleaning it up, it can even shut down your operation. Don’t allow yourself to get caught off guard. Knowing how to deal with a situation like this will give you the upper hand.

Avoid costly repairs and prepare for the unexpected

Avoid costly repairs and prepare for the unexpected.

Get Yourself a Water Leak Detection System

You don’t need to stare at your pipes all day to make sure nothing breaks or leaks, there are systems you can install where leaks are most common, that can do that for you. Some systems will just let you know when there is a leak, and others will shut off the water supply when a leak has been detected. Get what suits your needs the best.

Protect Against Freezing Pipes

Winter is especially hard on your pipes. It is essential that you set your thermostat at 64 degrees or higher. This simple action can help prevent this annoying problem.

Keep Your Insurance Up to Date

No business should even consider operating without insurance. The benefits are all yours when your business is covered. If anything were to happen and you have robust insurance coverage for your business, instead of stressing out and trying to figure out how to fix the mess you’re in, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your insurance company has your back. Business insurance is not some fancy extra you may or may not decide to get. Business insurance is a necessity and an essential part of running a successful business.


AAI Central Agency in Colorado can help you analyze and better understand the insurance needs that your business may have. We are happy to help you protect your investment. Let’s talk!

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