Host a Safe Thanksgiving Event with These Tips

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The holidays are to be filled with joy and great memories, not accidents. Learn how you can keep your home and your guests safe this holiday season.

Hosting a Holiday Event? Avoid Mishaps with These Tips

Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday craze. It’s the start of a season full of events, delicious food, and tons of time to share with your loved ones. Hosting an event can be stressful, but it is meant to be enjoyed.

However, if we review the stats for Thanksgiving events, we realize that, sometimes, there are setbacks that can turn your holiday a little blue. Between the housefires and the slip-and-fall accidents, your party can take a whole different direction without proper care. Don’t let your feast go foul and make sure you’re taking the necessary measures to host a safe event!

  • Ensure the smoke alarm is working properly before you start cooking
  • Avoid having guests wandering around the kitchen without supervision, especially if cooking is being done
  • Try to keep your kitchen a pet-free area while having guests over to keep pets safe and your guests from tripping over them
  • Make sure there are no slippery surfaces when people arrive and address any spillages right away
  • Remove toys or anything else from the floor that can cause someone to fall
  • Set a timer for your oven or keep a close eye on it at all times until the food is ready
  • Make it a point to carefully review and understand the social host liability statutes that apply to your state, and check your insurance policy before deciding to host an event in your home

Avoid slip and fall accidents during the holidays 2017

Keep Your House and Your Guests Safe with the Right Insurance Policy

Homeowners insurance will protect your home from fires and protect you from liability in case of an accident at home. If you haven’t checked on your homeowner’s policy in a while, now would be the perfect time to visit your agent to make sure everything is up to date and that your coverage fits your needs.

At AAI Central Agency, we care about your well-being. Stop by our office or give us a call. We’re here to help you protect your bests interests during the holiday season!

At AAI Central Agency, we believe family time is important, which is why we have special Thanksgiving holiday hours. We will be closing at noon on November 22nd and remain closed from November 23rd to November 26th. We’ll back in business on November 27th, opening at 10am.

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