Get Your Home Ready for Spring Weather

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Saying goodbye to the coldest days of the year is what most people can’t wait for. However, beyond the blooming flowers, spring brings its own set of weather conditions to watch out for. Adjust your home to the new season and prevent damage.

Don’t Let Spring Storms Catch You Off-Guard

The weather changes a lot during springtime but we can always expect storms, from moderate to severe. Whip your home into shape to receive this new season, ready to face whatever weather conditions come your way.

Don't Let Spring Storms Catch You Off-GuardClean Out All Winter Debris

Winter leaves behind cluttered gutters and drains, and with the heavy rains typical of spring, it is necessary to clean them out. Neglecting to do so can result in home foundation problems. So, when the season changes, make sure this step is number one on your spring to-do list.

Give Your Trees a Trim

Spring brings strong winds and even windstorms. Branchy trees that are dry from winter are not good to have around your house.  Branches can break from the wind and cause damage to your home or even someone in your family. Trim the trees around your property to avoid these problems.

Store Patio and Yard Items

Spring home maintenance

Checking your roof for leaks is also a good initiative for spring home maintenance

Some patio furniture can remain outdoors and make it safely through the winter. However, during spring, if the winds are too strong, it is best to bring them in the house and store them somewhere like in your garage. By leaving them out, they could potentially become projectiles and hurt someone or damage your property.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

Power outages are not uncommon during this season. Keep a full emergency kit handy and ready to go. Make sure you include items like first aid supplies and medication, family prescription pills, a battery operated or transistor radio, a flashlight and batteries, and about three to four days’ worth of canned food and water.


Keep your home safe all year round with a home insurance policy that fits your needs. Not sure what your options are? Contact AAI Central and we’ll help you find exactly what you need.


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