Get Back on The Road with Auto Insurance

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With Auto Insurance You Can Hit the Road Safely

Auto insurance is mandatory by law in 49 states of the U.S, but beyond being legally required, auto insurance is a necessity. Car accidents are the 8th leading cause of death in the world. 34,247 car crashes involved deaths in the U.S. in 2017. These incidents amount to $230.6 billion every year; money spread among all involved individuals, and that comes out of their pockets when there is no auto insurance.

If you ever find yourself involved in a car accident, you have two options; you can regret not having insurance or be thankful you do.

Here are some of the reasons why you need auto insurance:

Gives You Peace of Mind

Let’s be honest. Even if you drive safe and follow the right on-the-road protocol, you can never be sure others out there are doing the same. Your safe driving, unfortunately, won’t necessarily keep you from ever being involved in an accident. Auto insurance provides financial protection from the driving mistakes of others and your own. So that, in the event you ever find yourself involved in a car accident, you can rest assured knowing that your insurance will protect you, your loved ones, and even third parties that may have been part of the incident.

What Should You Do After a Car Accident?

Accidents happen and therefore you need to be and feel safe and protected while driving.

Helps You Avoid Costly Expenses

A vehicle is a significant investment for it to be unprotected, but a car accident puts at risk more than just your vehicle. Riding in a car without auto insurance poses a considerable threat to your financial stability. The property damage cost of a car accident can be close to $10.000, and the price creeps depending on the circumstances: deaths, disabling injuries, damage to third party property, etc.

Adding a monthly expense for auto insurance may seem unnecessary at first, but your policy can protect your finances against potentially astronomical costs.

Protects You and Others

Not only does car insurance protect you and your loved ones, but it also protects others on the road and other people’s property, in the event, you cause any damage to their vehicle. The fact that auto insurance pays for third party medical expenses and other’s property provides financial protection to you and keeps you from potentially being sued for damages.

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