Four Main Winter Home Insurance Claims

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Snow, ice, and roof damage are among the most common types of home insurance claims.

The winter can bring a lot of worry to the Colorado homeowner. The longer season, more extreme weather, and freezing temperatures don’t just mean a prolonged ski season; it means more time for the winter weather to do some damage to your home. You may not be able to stave off all the troubles that winter can cause, but knowing the most common causes of insurance claims in the winter time can give you the upper hand to make sure that your home is covered.

Your standard homeowners policy is a great start for a homeowner, but many don’t realize that some things just aren’t covered. Instead of getting caught off guard, talk to your independent insurance broker to make sure your home is protected.

The four main winter problems for many homeowners are:

Frozen pipes – water damage is most likely covered by your home insurance policy, but if you’ve been negligent in taking care of your pipes in the winter time, your insurance provider could refuse to pay, claiming that the damage could have been avoided.

  • Drain your sprinkler systems and hoses
  • Insulate your pipes
  • Keep your home warm (even if you head off to someplace hot for your winter vacation)
  • Wind damage – make sure you don’t have anything that can get carried away by a heavy wind and cause damage to your home or property
  • Cut dead branches
  • Secure gutters
  • Secure shutters
  • Don’t leave large toys in your yard that aren’t tied or nailed down
Hail damage for Colorado homes

You need to talk to you independent broker about adding hail damage to your Colorado home insurance policy.

Hail damage – Colorado is no stranger to tangerine size hail pummeling the earth or anything else that get in its way. But, despite this frequent weather phenomenon, hail damage is NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR STANDARD HOME POLICY. Talk to your broker about getting hail coverage for you home before it is too late. Hail can cause significant damage to your:

  • Roof – always check your roof for damage after a hail storm. A damaged roof is expensive to fix and comes with a slew of other problems if not dealt with immediately
  • Car
  • Windows
  • Siding

Snow and ice damage – Make sure that your roof isn’t carrying too heavy a snow load, and that your gutters are functioning correctly. Look out for the formation of ice dams, and contact a roofer if you spot signs of snow and ice damage to your roof.

Work with an independent broker to make sure you have the insurance you need to protect your home

Don’t get caught off guard by expensive winter weather damage. Work with an AAI Central Agency broker and get the insurance you need to protect all the things you love, no matter the season.

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