Essential Tips to Keep Safe During Severe Weather

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Prepare Yourself for Severe Weather with These Safety Tips

Colorado is known for its changing weather. Severe weather alerts are not uncommon this time of year. This makes everyone feel anxious as they get ready to face a storm. Preparation is key in these circumstances, not only to survive the storm but to know what to do after the storm is gone. Don’t let any storm catch you off-guard. Here are 5 safety tips to prepare for severe weather conditions:

Find a Safe, Accessible Shelter

Whether you must evacuate, or you can stay home, finding a good place to take shelter is key. It’s not just about finding a place that shelters you from the storm. The most important thing is to make sure the shelter meets safety standards. For example, the door should open inward rather than outward to avoid blockage due to storm debris. Also, it’s important to make sure that the shelter can be accessed effectively. Indoor shelters are preferable over outdoor shelters. As you prepare to leave for the shelter, pack appropriate footwear, water, flashlights, and medication, if needed.

Prepare Yourself for Severe Weather with These Safety TipsSecure Your Property

Once the storm is over, it’s time to check on the integrity of your property. If you’re missing doors or windows are shattered, they need to be taken care of soon. Make sure you have the number of a reputable contractor you can call immediately, or as soon as possible.

Get Proper Insurance Coverage

Weather cannot be controlled but you can still protect yourself from potential dangers and disasters by getting the right insurance policies before the unexpected happens. It’s always a good idea to review all of your insurance coverages, at least once a year. And if by now, you don’t have any insurance to protect you in events like these, it is time to get some.


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