Don’t Let Spring Allergies Take Over

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Spring is such a beautiful time of year. It is a season that most of us eagerly await because it leaves behind the cold and snow with winter. It awakens the beauty of the trees and flowers, and it subtly warms up our skin, while the air is still crisp and refreshing. There are so many good things to love about spring —and then there are allergies.

How to Prevent Spring Allergies?

We are two days into spring, and if you have allergies, you might already be feeling some discomfort in that regard. Once those allergies establish their presence in your life during this season, nothing is as enjoyable anymore. If you let them, those pesky seasonal allergies will take over your life, but you can fight back and minimize the chance of them raining on your spring parade.

Be One Step Ahead

If you’ve never suffered from spring allergies before, it will be hard to prevent them, but if you know you are vulnerable to them, deal with them before they come knocking on your door. Understanding what causes your allergies and the appropriate medication for them is the secret recipe to protect yourself against them.

Make Your Home Sparkle

Wherever there’s dust, there are allergens. Mold and dust mites are two of the leading allergy triggers, so it is imperative to keep your home clean and not give these guys a chance. Clean out your A/C filter, take your vacuum machine out for a spin a couple of times a week, keep surfaces clean and avoid clutter as much as possible.

How to Prevent Spring Allergies

Once flowers start to bloom, the air gets saturated with pollen, one of the most common allergens.

Leave Allergens on the Other Side of the Door

The pollen count can vary from one day to the next and event throughout the same day. Keep an eye on the pollen forecast and make sure to keep your doors and windows closed when the count is high to keep allergens out. Consider purchasing a HEPA air filter or a furnace filter to kick the protection level up a notch. When you spend time outdoors, allergens will stick to your clothes and skin, so make sure you shower and wash your clothes as soon as you get back home.

Strategically Plan Your Outings

No one is saying you need to stay indoors all spring long, but if allergies affect you, it’s best that you consider the pollen count before you head outside. The days or the time of day when the pollen count is low is the best time for you to go out since the allergy risk is minimal.

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