Don’t Get Pummeled with a Hailstorm of Expenses

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If you own a home and a car and live in Colorado, you need hail insurance!

Hail insurance in Colorado for home and auto

Unless you have comprehensive auto insurance, your car isn’t covered for hail damage.

A recent article in The Denver Post reports that last year, 10 Colorado counties were pummeled by hail stones up to three inches in diameter. So, as we head towards yet another hail season here in the Front Range of Colorado, let’s talk about hail insurance for your home and auto.

Hail season in the Front Range

The hail season in Colorado begins as soon as winter ends, but the most severe hailstorms in Colorado can hit between July and October. Living in the Front Range, it’s not a matter of if you’ll get hit by a hailstorm; it’s a question of when. Hail can cause serious damage, and the biggest victims of golf ball-sized hail are your cars and your home.

Hail insurance for your car

You would think that your basic auto insurance for someone living in Colorado would automatically include hail damage. Many people only think about the costs involved in an auto accident, but the body work you’ll need after your car gets hit by a hailstorm can be very expensive. Can you afford to pay for bodywork, a new paint job, and replacing the windshield and mirrors? Don’t underestimate the damage that a severe hailstorm can wreak on your car and the costs of fixing the damage.

 Hail insurance for car and auto in Front Range

If you’re unsure if your current home insurance covers hail damage, talk to a local insurance agent.

Make sure you get comprehensive auto insurance to cover hail damage.

Hail insurance for your home

Just like your basic auto insurance, unless you specifically ask for hail insurance for your home, you won’t be able to file a claim for hail damage on your home. Fixing windows, gutters, and cracked sidings can add up to a pretty big expense. Often, rain will accompany a hailstorm, which is like a knockout punch for homeowners who don’t have hail insurance. The hail will crack your roof and siding, then the rain will fill up those cracks, opening the door to additional and expensive water damage.

Talk to a local independent insurance agent about hail insurance

AAI Central is an independent insurance company located in Thornton. We understand the type of insurance that you need when you live in Colorado because we live here, too. We help home and auto owners get comprehensive insurance that is customized to life in the Front Range.

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