When Accidents Happen Off of Your Property

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You never know when an accident will happen, and you never know where an accident might happen. One minute, you’re walking down the street window shopping. The next, you trip over a rock and break your ankle – or worse, knock over someone else and cause them injury. Unless you were acting maliciously and with intent, there’s a good chance your home insurance will cover the damages. However, there are a few exceptions.

What does home insurance covers

If you’re teaching your kid to ride a bike and they accidentally run into someone or scratch a car, your home insurance may pay for the damage.

You need auto insurance for auto accidents

If you own a car, the law requires you to have auto insurance. Your home insurance may cover you in case you are in a bike accident, but if you are in a car, you can’t use your home insurance to cover any injuries or damage. Only auto insurance will cover the cost of an auto accident.

Vandalism is not covered by home and personal liability insurance

Your home insurance covers slip and fall accidents that occur on your property, but with the right policy, you are also covered for accidents and injuries that occur off of your property. Liability insurance will cover you off of your property even if you are deemed negligent. When you’re taking the training wheels off of your kid’s bike and they run right into your neighbor’s shiny new car, your personal liability insurance will most likely cover the body work.

However, if you are having a neighborly dispute about parking and you get caught “accidentally” keying your neighbor’s car in anger, your insurance will not cover the damage. Any form of vandalism, even if your teenager insists that graffiti is “art,” will not be covered by your home insurance.

Personal liability insurance in Colorado

When accidents happen off of your property, your home insurance and personal liability insurance may cover the claim.

If you’re skiing on the Colorado slopes and you lose control and run right into someone, causing an injury, your personal liability insurance will kick in. However, if you purposefully stick your ski in the way of another skier, you are on your own.

Negligence is covered, but if there is intent or premeditation involved, don’t look to your insurance for help.

Home and liability insurance from independent agency in Colorado

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