A Safer Car Means Lower Auto Insurance Costs

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Buying a car with all the safety features isn’t just about protecting yourself and your passengers; it’s about protecting your hard-earned cash. The safer your car, the more you’ll save on your auto insurance.

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Automated seatbelts in your car could get you a discount on your auto insurance.

Lower your auto insurance costs in Colorado

There are safety features that come with (almost) every vehicle you purchase, such as seatbelts, headlights, and brakes. However, there are many add-on safety features that you should consider when buying your car. It may make the cost of your car a little more expensive, but you could make up the difference in lower auto insurance premiums.

Auto insurance discounts with add-on safety equipment

  • Automated seatbelts – most people will choose to put on their seatbelt. It is the law, and it’s just common sense when driving a car. However, some either take the risk of not wearing a seatbelt, or they forget. Having automated seatbelts eliminates the need to trust a driver or passenger to make the right choice because the car will make it for them.
  • Airbags – not all cars come with airbags. Not all cars come with an airbag for the passenger. Make sure to add airbags for both the driver and the passenger for auto insurance discounts.
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    Airbags for driver and passenger could get you a discount on your auto insurance.

    Anti-lock brakes – If you’re driving in Colorado, adding anti-lock brakes will decrease the chances of you skidding on slippery, icy Colorado roads.

  • Alarm system/theft prevention – taking steps to decrease the likelihood of your car being stolen can get you discounts on your auto insurance.

Discounts on auto insurance in Colorado

If you’re unsure if a feature will get you a discount on your auto insurance, or for additional features that could lower your monthly auto insurance premium, contact one of our agents.

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