5 Factors That Impact the Price of Your Auto Insurance

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The Things That Can Affect Your Car Insurance Rate

Most people get the jitters when they’re calculating their car insurance rate. Sometimes, this uncertainty comes from not fully understanding what comes in play when it comes to calculating the price. Here are 5 things that can impact your auto insurance rate.


On average, as you get older —until you reach 75 or so— your rate can stabilize, or decrease. However, your actual age is not always what impacts the most, but the amount of years that you’ve been driving.

Vehicle Use

Depending on the use you give your vehicle, you might end up paying more or less. If your vehicle is used for commuting or just for pleasure, you are likely to pay less than someone who uses their vehicle for business purposes, or even for ridesharing, like Uber. In this case, the rate may vary depending on the company and in some cases, they may require a commercial policy.

The Things That Can Affect Your Car Insurance Rate

Traffic and Speeding Tickets

If within a three-year period, you’ve only gotten one ticket, your rate might not increase at all. However, if you get two or more tickets in 3 years, you can expect an increase. Not all is lost at this point. It’s possible that the increase is not permanent. Plus, speeding tickets are likely removed from your record after some time. Parking tickets can be annoying, but luckily, they don’t affect your insurance premium.


At-fault accidents work pretty much the same as speeding tickets do, however, they won’t always affect the price of your auto insurance. The way this works can vary depending on the insurance company you choose. The same applies to one-car accidents. But the process for not-at-fault accidents depends on the state you’re in. In some states, you’ll see an increase, in others you won’t.


Your location is something else to factor into your rate. Some areas are at a higher risk of collisions, theft and other things that can harm your car, which would make you more likely to pay more for collision and comprehensive coverage.


Are you in the process of getting a good auto insurance policy? The best way to do so is to sit down and talk with an agent you can trust, who will show genuine concern for your needs and well-being. At AAI Central Agency, that’s the way we work and that’s why we are able to maintain long-term relationships with clients and their families. Talk to one of our independent insurance agents and we’ll find a policy that truly works for you.

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