You Need Umbrella Insurance for These Winter Risks

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Umbrella Insurance Can Help In Winter Situations

When you think of winter, what comes to mind? In most cases, we think of snow, hot beverages, hardy meals, and cozy afternoons with friends and family. But, winter comes with a whole lot of other things that aren’t precisely enjoyable experiences.

There are many incidents with a higher risk of liability associated with winter. And, these can materialize depending on what’s going on with the weather in your location. That’s where umbrella insurance comes in handy, as it can protect you from the potential liabilities in the winter season.

winter umbrella insuranceWinter Storms

We expect winter storms, but their effects can be terrible for your property. Besides, you could be liable for specific incidents associated with winter storms, like if a tree branch from your property were to cause damage to a neighbor’s property. Those are the kinds of things you cannot foresee but still should have protection.

Falling Icicles

For some, icicles are more like a natural way to decorate their porch, but the truth is they are incredibly dangerous. An icicle will eventually fall and could cause some severe damage to a guest, family member, or even yourself. Falling icicles can cause cuts, bruises, and other much more severe injuries. If that were to happen a neighbor, pedestrian walking by your house, or a guest, you could be at risk of a lawsuit, but umbrella insurance can protect you against that.

Outdoor Parking

Parking your vehicle outdoor poses a significant risk, as it could be an object of potential property damage, vandalism, or theft. During the winter, there are additional elements that can increase the risk factor. Imagine you come back to a car covered in ice or snow. As you start moving, a piece of that ice could fly off and cause an accident by hitting someone or damaging someone else’s property. Taking measures to minimize that risk, like wiping your windshield before you start driving, is essential, but not enough.


Talk to your insurance agent at AAI Central to better understand how umbrella insurance can protect you this winter and all year long.

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