Three Things That Can Raise Your Home Insurance Premiums

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When to get extra liability insurance for your home

Sometimes, the things we do to make our home kid-friendly and fun are the things that can drive an insurance company crazy – sometimes so crazy that they just straight up refuse to provide you with insurance. Before getting one of these three things, talk to your independent agent about how it could affect your home insurance policy.

When to get extra liability insurance

If you have a pool, you should have extra liability insurance.

A swimming pool can affect your home insurance

Having a pool means you never have to suffer the heat, and you’re most likely the coolest house on the block. Despite all the fun, sunny days spent poolside with kids playing and adult BBQing, all your insurance company sees is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Sometimes, it seems that your insurance provider doesn’t want you to have any fun at all, but you can’t really blame them; they’re always looking at the worst case scenario. They’re not trying to rain on your pool party; they’re just looking out for you and making sure that if an accident occurs, you are covered.

If you insist on having a pool, or you are buying a home with a pool, talk to your independent agents about extra liability insurance.

A trampoline can affect your home insurance

Having a trampoline in your backyard will also make an insurance company gasp with fear. You may see it as a fun way to get your kids outside for a little physical activity, but all the insurance company sees are broken bones.

Home insurance for Colorado homes

If you have a trampoline, get extra liability insurance.

Now that we’ve told you that trampolines can raise your premiums or require additional liability insurance, you may be tempted to just not tell your insurance agent about this modern day accident apparatus, but this could leave you liable for an accident or tragedy that you cannot afford.

Always be honest with your insurance agent. It’s better to pay higher premiums or add liability and be protected than take a chance and end up broke and homeless.

A treehouse can affect your home insurance

There’s nothing more classic than a family treehouse in the backyard. Not a jungle gym, not a playhouse, but a real treehouse – the one that you spend a summer building with your kids only to be told that adults are never (ever!) allowed to visit. It’s the place where you kids share secrets with their friends; it’s the safe space when “parents just don’t understand,” and it is a space for imagination and fantasy resulting in hours of play all year long.

Again, how can you insurance provider not encourage every family to build a treehouse? They won’t encourage the treehouse, but they will encourage you to get more liability insurance.

Talk to an independent agent about extra liability for your Colorado home

At AAI Central Agency, want you to be able to live your life to the fullest. That includes trampolines, pools, and treehouses. All you have to do is let us know that you have any of these three things, and we’ll help you get extra liability coverage on your home insurance policy so that you can jump, dive, and climb to your heart’s content.

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