The Trick to Making Halloween a Treat

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Avoid accidents and injuries on your property on All Hallows Eve

Colorado Property and Casualty Insurance

Keep it scary but safe on Halloween, and avoid being held liable for an accident on your property.

The answer to the existential question “trick or treat?” should always be “treat!” However, when you have kids filled with sugar, hard-to-see-through masks, the excitement of more candy, flowy ghosts, and goblin costumes, and crazy props to keep track of, the last thing the little trick or treaters need is for you to booby trap your entry way with hazardous Halloween decorations. The best Halloween trick is to keep your home spooky, but safe, and avoid accidents and injuries on your property.

Halloween is supposed to be scary, but fun – not scary because there are obstacles and fire hazards around every front porch, driveway, or stairway. So, before you go too crazy with the jack-o’-lanterns, cobwebs, plastic spiders, and ghosts on wires, make sure that you still have a clear, safe path for the kids to walk. Don’t let this glorious night of costumes and candy end with a broken leg and a lawsuit.

Lighting your driveway and front porch

The biggest problem on Halloween is how to create spooky mood lighting, but still leaving enough light for kids (and parents) to see where they are going. Make sure that you have good lighting on the path to your front door.

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Make sure the kids and parents can see where they are going to avoid accidents on your property.

If you’re using live candles, keep them properly enclosed in a pumpkin or lantern. Kids are going to be running back and forth all night long, and their costumes are more flammable than you realize. Make sure you aren’t putting too many live candles where they are at risk of catching sparkly princess dresses on fire. Don’t have a grouping of live candles right by your front door where the kids stop to get their candy.

To avoid any fire hazard, use electric lights. They’ll light up the path to the front door without posing a threat to the Halloween fun. Just make sure the lights are secured to a fence or the ground and aren’t in danger of tripping anyone coming to your door.

Also, listen to your extension cord! Don’t get string-light happy and overpower your outlets, causing an electrical fire.

Keeping your dogs inside and secure on Halloween

As much fun as Halloween is for us humans, your dog is probably wondering what the heck is going on, and they may feel threatened and scared by the constant ringing of the doorbell, kids laughing and screaming, weird costumes, and noises. Give your pups a treat and keep them inside and away from the front door. Even if you have the coolest, calmest, and most collected dog, if they get spooked, they may react aggressively.

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Give your dog a species-appropriate treat and keep them away from the Halloween festivities.

Also, keep your pet away from the candy bowl. The candy itself, especially the chocolate, can be dangerous for your furry friend – not to mention the danger of swallowing tinfoil and plastic candy wrappers. Give your dog a bone and let them enjoy their Halloween treat away from all the festivities.

Keep your kids safe on Halloween

Just as you’re making your home safe for kids come by for candy, you need to make sure that your kid can both see and move freely in their Halloween costume. Help avoid accidents and injuries by making sure they aren’t tripping over their costumes, and that their monster mask isn’t obstructing their vision.

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We wish you a happy, safe, and spooky Halloween filled with treats.

Property and Casualty Insurance in Colorado

No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, and they can be extremely costly to homeowners without Property and Casualty Insurance. P&C Insurance protects your property in case of damage, but it also protects you from liability in case an accident occurs on your property.

Not sure how much your home insurance policy will cover or if you have enough insurance? Talk to a local independent insurance agent.

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