5 Steps to Insure a New Car

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How to Protect Your 4-Wheeled Investment?

Raise your hand if you feel like you blinked and suddenly, 2018 is almost over. We can relate. The holidays are just around the corner. The season of gift giving will be here before you know it and maybe, you are planning to give yourself a new car for Christmas. Good for you! You deserve it.

Now, beyond the excitement —and the endless road trip possibilities— that a new vehicle represents, one thing you have to keep in mind is how you plan to protect your investment. Here are five tips to help you insure your new car:

Inquire Before You Take That Car Home

Auto insurance is something that you should get before you have the keys in your hand. Auto insurance rates can vary from one vehicle to the next and is something that should be considered before buying a vehicle. Also, make sure you notify your insurance broker or insurance company before you even leave the dealership. If you already have a policy, your company might cover your new vehicle under that same policy for up to 30 days, but you want to confirm that before you’re out driving uninsured.

Ask About Potential Discounts

Newer vehicles have better safety features. Some companies will give you a discount on your rates based on features like airbags, automatic seatbelts and more. Talk with your agent about these features as they might qualify you for some nice discounts.

How to Protect Your 4-Wheeled InvestmentTame Your Premiums with a Higher Deductible

Insurance premiums are some of the main concerns of those who want to insure their vehicles. If you’re looking to save money on your insurance premiums, then raising your deductible can help.

Keep Your Credit Score in Check

Your credit report will be part of the information used to determine your insurance rates. To insure your vehicle, your risk must be calculated and your credit score is one of the main tools in that process. Keeping a clean credit history will make things a lot simpler and help keep your rates where you need them.

Always Drive Safe

Regardless of whether your planning to get a new car tomorrow or in a year from now, driving safely will also simplify the process of getting a new insurance policy. Plus, a clean driving record will keep your premiums in check.

Bonus Tip: Talk to Your Independent Insurance Agent

If you’re looking for the best coverage and the best prices in the market, you will need to work with someone that can give you various options. An independent insurance agency like AAI Central in Colorado can be your ally in finding exactly the type of insurance *you* need.

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