Simple Tips to Protect Your Home This Fall

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Keep Your Home Safe This Fall with These Maintenance Tips

We must accept it. Summer is pretty much over and slowly but surely the colder months are creeping in. Fall is a crucial season for your home. It is the time to take action and protect your home from the potentially harsh winter season ahead.

Here are some maintenance tips to help you prep your home for the winter:

Check your water pipes and insulate those in the exposed areas to freezing temperatures.

  1. Inspect your heating system and get it cleaned at least once a year by a qualified technician. If you haven’t done it so far this year, this is the time to do it.
  2. Provide proper maintenance to your chimney.
  3. Get your furnace filter replaced.
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    Your gutter system is your biggest weapon against water damage. Make sure it’s ready for fall.

    Inspect your gutters for damage. Also, make sure they are correctly attached to your house. If any repairs are needed, get them done before the winter hits.

  5. Clean your downspouts and gutters to ensure they are clear and have no blockages caused by accumulated debris. Cleaning the gutters is best done near the end of fall, removing all the leaves stuck in the troughs before winter.
  6. Refill your fire extinguisher and —or get one, if you don’t have one— and keep it handy.
  7. Make sure there are no loose-fitting plugs or receptacles on your electrical outlets and avoid overloading them.
  8. Inspect your smoke detectors to make sure they are all working as expected. Be sure to have smoke detectors in all the relevant areas of the house, like the bedrooms and adjacent hallways, kitchen and basement, or at least make sure there is one on every floor of your home.

Preparing your home for the winter will save you potential problems with costly solutions. There’s still plenty of time to get things done. Make sure to protect your home with the best insurance for your needs. Start today and have a worry-free winter.

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