Simple Insurance Resolutions for 2020

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These Resolutions Can Help You Prevent Insurance Claims This New Year

A new year begins, and we’re all allowed to start over. This year could be a better one than last year, but for that to happen, some work will need doing.

When it comes to insurance, minimizing insurance claims is always a goal, but is it feasible? Sure, it is! Here are some New Year’s insurance resolutions that can help you avoid some of the most common claims in 2020.

Review Your Insurance Policies

Many people take insurance policies lightly and don’t pay close attention to how much coverage they have. The New Year is a perfect time for you to review your insurance policies. Do you have the type and amount of coverage that you need? Are all your insurance needs being met? If you find you might need to update your policies, reach out to your insurance agent to accomplish that as soon as possible.

Put Together a Home Inventory

Although no one likes to think about the possibility of disasters happening, they are an imminent risk, and filing insurance in those circumstances can be quite overwhelming. Keeping an up-to-date home inventory can make the process much more relaxed, and it will help justify the items you are claiming.

hands holding vehicle steering wheelAvoid Leaving Keys Inside Your Car

Car theft has been a growing problem over the years. Did you know that 209 vehicle thefts happen every day because the owner left the keys inside? To prevent becoming part of the statistics, make sure you take your keys with you when you get out of your car, even if you consider the area to be safe.

Improve Your Credit Score

Your payment history, bankruptcies, outstanding debt, and collections compose your credit-based insurance score. Most insurers consider your credit score as an essential tool to predict how likely you might be to file a claim. Be sure to honor your debts, don’t skip payments, and avoid getting involved in financial situations that hurt your credit score.

You can prevent your likelihood of filing a claim this year by making plans that support that goal. These resolutions can help you guide the way.

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