Reckless Driving is Bad for the Environment

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Be a socially responsible driver and keep your premiums low

It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it!

That’s something our parents have been trying to teach us since we were just beginning to talk. When it comes to being a responsible driver, the same rules apply. There’s a way to tell people to drive carefully that makes you seem dull, square, and uncool. And then there’s a way to talk about responsible driving that makes it sound like it is your duty in the name of social responsibility. Nothing is more trendy right now that practicing safe driving to protect the planet.

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Driving responsibly can save gas, save money, save the planet, and keep your premiums low.

Responsible driving saves gas and helps protect the planet

Of course, we want you to slow down and drive responsibly because anything else is dangerous and could result in serious accidents, even death. Auto accidents can be devastating and life altering for you and anyone else affected by your reckless driving. However, no matter how much we wag our finger and point scary videos on the horrors of drunk driving, or texting while driving people just can’t seem to put down their phones while they are driving. And there are still way too many people who take the chance after a night of drinking and drive home.

So, we thought we’d try to approach the subject from a different angle. Our old methods of talking to drivers (young and old) obviously aren’t working, so let’s try saying it differently: A responsible driver is an environmentally conscious driver!

Speed is your enemy against eco-friendly driving

Slowing down, taking your time, driving steady, and staying alert so that you have plenty of time to react to any obstacles or changes in traffic can greatly reduce the amount of gas that you use, and in turn, reduce the amount of pollution you are pumping into the atmosphere.

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Slowing down doesn’t make you a granny, it makes you an environmentally conscious driver.

For those of you who are already driving hybrids or electric cars because you know the importance of minimizing our oil dependence and the negative effects it has on the environment, slowing down and taking your time is also going to help you get the most mileage out of your hybrid.

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So, slow down, take the scenic route instead of speeding down the highway. Leave a little earlier and give yourself plenty of time. The life of our planet depends on it. And it won’t hurt your insurance premiums either ;-)

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