Puff, Puff, Give Up Your Car Keys

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Smoking pot is legal. Driving after smoking pot is illegal.

Wherever you stand on the legalization of marijuana here in Colorado, one thing is for sure: driving under the influence of cannabis is, and always will be, illegal! You may not feel it, you may not believe it, but being high while driving is going to make you a worse driver than if you were sober. Period. If you plan on partaking in this legal substance, leave your car at home, or hand the keys to a designated driver.

New THC detection devices are being used by Colorado law enforcement agencies.

New pilot programs are put in place to test new THC detection technology to help deter and catch stoned drivers in Colorado.

The debate regarding what is better, driving drunk or driving stoned, is interesting, but in the case of your auto insurance and the Colorado police department, both are illegal and both will result in severe consequences for the driver under the influence.

The problem law enforcement is facing today is how to detect a stoned driver. The lack of reliable testing equipment is leaving a large loophole for stoners to continue to drive under the influence, knowing that the methods of detection aren’t sophisticated enough to hold up in court. Traditional breathalyzers cannot detect cannabis, and taking blood during a DUI stop is problematic as police officers aren’t set up to draw blood, or handle that sample once it has been acquired.

Driving while under the influence in Colorado

If you plan on partaking in some Colorado kush, make sure you have a designated driver.

New THC detection technology is being tested by Colorado law enforcement agencies

There is also the question of how long THC stays in your blood, and whether a blood test is even going to accurately tell you whether the driver is currently under the influence or if they just have leftover THC in their system from a few weekend ago. New methods of detection will most like blood, sweat, or tears to detect levels of THC in a driver’s system, but so far they are still in the developing stages.

With more and more states legalizing marijuana, more and more companies are seeing the value of investing in reliable THC detection technology, and many pilot programs are already in place to test out many of these new technologies on the market. The technology may not be perfect, yet, but the police are working hard to keep stoned drivers off the streets. Don’t take a chance and drive high, because the cops are catching on fast, and they have zero tolerance for intoxicated drivers.

While we wait for the technology to catch up with the law, do us all a favor, and don’t drive while high on anything, except life. Don’t do it because it’s illegal and you might get caught, do it because it is the responsible thing to do!


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