Protecting Your Home and Property From Heavy Wind Damage

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Fasten your gutters, trim your trees, and cover your cars

Heavy winds can cause quite a bit of damage to homes and surrounding property. A standard homeowners insurance will cover the cost of repairs and clean-up, but when falling branches and heavy winds knock down your fences and ruin your pretty garden, homeowners may be left to clean up (and pay) out of pocket.  Protect your property from wind damage to avoid a costly clean-up.

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Keep your gutters clean so that debris and dirt from heavy winds don’t clog your system and cause water damage.

Wind damage to your home

When heavy winds cause branches to break and fall on your roof, porch, siding, etc. your home insurance will cover the cost of repairs and the clean-up from the damage. Home repairs are often expensive and require professionals to repair and rebuild, but that doesn’t mean you should just let nature take its course and file a claim when the damage is done. You can be proactive and protect your home from damage caused by winds.

Trim the surrounding tree branches that are threatening your home. Any overhanging branches should be removed so that they do not break and damage your home. Gutters and drainpipes should also be double checked and properly secured. Loose gutters can tear off and further damage your roof in the process.

Protect your fences and backyard

Damage done to you fences and your beautifully landscaped back yard are common during heavy wind storms. Homeowners protect their homes because that is the biggest expense, but forget to protect their fences, trees, bushes, and plants. However, as annoying as it is to have a broken fence, gate, or destroyed garden due to falling branches and flying debris, the cost of cleanup typically does not exceed most deductibles, and homeowners are left paying for the damage themselves.

Avoid home insurance claims

Trim overhanging or dead branches so that heavy winds don’t tear them off and damage your property.

When you’re done securing your home, take a look around your entire property to make sure nothing is vulnerable. Regular trimming and maintenance of trees on your property will help prevent damage from heavy winds. Put away garden furniture and other items that could blow away and cause damage.

Cover your cars

Your auto insurance may cover damage done to your car should flying debris or a falling branch cause damage, but it’s always a good idea to park your car under a carport (if you have one), or at least avoid parking it under that old tree with heavy, unstable branches. Take precautions, and park it away from potential dangers.

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