Protect Your Home During the Holidays

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The holidays are the season of joy.  However, there are certain holiday hazards that can affect your home. Protect your home and keep the unexpected from ruining your holiday season.

This Holiday Season, Give Yourself Peace of Mind with Home Insurance

A time of celebration can become a time of stress when your home in unprotected. From hazardous Christmas decorations and weather damage, to break-ins and theft, these can put your home and holiday mood at risk. Consider these things to keep your home safe during the holidays:

Monitor candles closelyMonitor Candles Closely

Candles are a staple of this season, but they are also one of the main causes for house fires during the holidays. Maintain a close eye on them and keep them away from combustible materials. You can also choose to buy LED candles instead and save yourself the stress.

Provide Proper Care for Your Christmas Tree

Did you know that every year Christmas tree fires put people’s lives at risk and cause over $17 million in damage in the U.S.? Well, that’s what happens when you don’t take care of your tree properly. Make sure it doesn’t dry out and become kindling, keep it away from heat sources, and check your lights before placing them on your tree.

Keep the Area Surrounding Your House Free from Trees

Tree hazards go beyond your Christmas tree. If there are trees surrounding your home, make sure you trim them and remove dead branches right away. Winter weather can cause those branches to come crashing down on your home, walkways or driveways.


If you’re leaving home during the holidays:

Don’t Post It on Social Media

Making your travel plans public can be dangerous. Let your family and close friends know you’re leaving home for a few days, but keep that information restricted from strangers.

Find Yourself a Housesitter

It’s not a good idea for your house to look unoccupied, even if just for a few days. Have someone check on your house regularly and ask them to reach you right away if anything comes up.

Keep your policies up to dateKeep Your Insurance Policies Up to Date

Don’t let the holiday season catch up with you while your homeowners insurance policy is outdated. Talk to your agent to make the necessary changes to it, in order to keep your home safe. Once your policy is up to date, you can kick back, relax and enjoy the holiday season. AAI Central Agency will be closing at noon on December 22nd and remain closed from December 23rd to December 26th. We will have minimal staff for the week of December 22 to January 2nd. We will not be taking phone calls, but if you leave a message we will get back with you in a timely manner. We are using this time to do file maintenance on all of our active clients.

Please have a safe and fun holiday weekend for 2017. AAI Central Agency wants to wish you the best for you and your family over this holiday time. Family is important and we will have minimal office hours over the holiday season so we can spend time with our families. 

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