No Garage? Here’s How You Can Protect Your Car from Hail

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How to Protect Your Car from a Hailstorm without a Garage?

It is no secret that the Front Range gets the worst hailstorms in the country, so much so, that the state has gotten the nickname “Hail Alley”. Not only are hailstorms here more often and more severe, hail in Colorado also falls at higher speeds and hits harder than in other parts of the country. Tough, we know.

Every year, hail causes around a billion dollars in damage and no one wants to be part of the impacted group. When it comes to your vehicle, there are certain measures you can take to prevent it from being damaged from hail, even if your garage is not near or you don’t have one, at all.

Subscribe to Weather Alerts

The best way to keep up to date with the weather changes, is by signing up for weather alerts. You can also download your favorite weather app and turn on the notifications. This way you can avoid being taken by surprise and you’ll have the opportunity to prepare.

If You’re on the Road, Quickly Take Cover

If a hailstorm hits while you’re driving, find the nearest place to protect yourself from hail. You can park under a bridge or freeway overpass, or pull into a gas station to use the canopy as shelter.

Make a Stop at the Mall

If you have a little more time to prepare, take yourself to the mall and take advantage of the indoor parking space while you wait for the storm. In the meantime, you can take a break from your day and get some food or do some shopping.

How to Protect Your Car from a Hailstorm without a GarageCover Your Car with Blankets

It might sound silly but putting blankets over your car can help minimize the impact of hailstones. This way you can prevent them from breaking your windows and scratching your paint. Be sure to cover everything, including the side mirrors, which are quite delicate. To keep your blankets from flying away, duct tape them to the bottom of your car. If you don’t have enough blankets to cover everything, you can use your floor mats to protect your windshield, instead.

Consider Getting a Carport

If you don’t have a garage, getting a carport is a good option to keep your car safe from hail damage. You can find carport budget-friendly options, between $200 and $250. The best thing is, it doesn’t take an expert to get it all set up.


In addition to taking these preventive measures, the best you can do is get a good car insurance policy that will address your needs. Need a new auto insurance policy? Talk to our agents at AAI Central agency. We can also take a look at your existing policy and determine whether or not it needs an update, in order to keep your vehicle safe. Contact AAI Agency today.

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