When Do You Need Umbrella Insurance?

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4 Scenarios Where Umbrella Insurance is a Must

When we talk about umbrella insurance, we are talking about having an extra layer of liability coverage. If you are ever involved in a situation where your insurance needs are more costly than your primary insurance policies can cover, what do you do? That’s why it is always good to have some extra coverage, you know, for a “rainy day.” Let’s take this to real life. Here are some of the scenarios in which it’s important to have umbrella insurance:

Birthday Parties

There is no doubt that birthday parties are fun and an excellent excuse to get everyone you love together. However, with some many people walking left and right around the house, there’s always a chance that something could go wrong. If someone trips or slips and falls in your home, you would be liable. Your home insurance policy might not cover it, but your umbrella insurance can.

Umbrella InsuranceTeen-Driving

You know there’s always a risk when it comes to teens getting behind the wheel. If you have a teen driver at home, this is definitely, one of those scenarios where having umbrella insurance is a no brainer but also a must! Instead of having to worry about having to cover huge bills if something were to happen, you can rest assured knowing that your umbrella insurance has your back.


Everyone knows babies are a handful. There is a lot that could happen when you babysit someone’s child. What if the little one gets injured on your watch? Maybe it’s just a scratch, or perhaps it could be something more serious. If that were the case, you could be looking at a pretty tough medical bill to cover. If you have umbrella insurance, that extra liability coverage could help so that you don’t take a financial hit trying to cover those expenses out of your pocket.

Pet Incidents

Dogs are lovely, but some dogs are more temperamental than others. Dog bites are a pretty common type of incident, and they represent a liability that you shouldn’t overlook. If your dog bites someone and causes damage to that person, you could get in some trouble. But your umbrella insurance would help cover medical expenses, etc.


A little extra coverage never hurt anyone. Talk to your agent about adding umbrella insurance coverage to your policy.

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