Minimize Potential Damage by Storm-Proofing Your Home

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How to Prep Your Home for Summer Storms?

Summer is sunny and bright, but it has a sneaky darker side when hurricanes and summer storms occur. These natural events can be devastating if your home is not prepared. Being one step ahead and taking the necessary precautions can make a huge difference when these things happen, preventing your home from taking a beating.

These are some of the steps you should take to minimize potential damage.

Design a Hurricane Emergency Plan

First of all, if a hurricane threatens your home, do you know what you should do? Put together an emergency plan for you and your family. Make sure everyone understands what needs to be done in case the unexpected happens.

Reinforce Your Roof

A loose roof will be easily ripped off your home with the strong winds produced by a hurricane or a heavy storm. Be sure to check on the condition of your roof and reinforce it as needed. It must be sturdy and strong to withstand those extreme conditions.

Upgrade Your Doors and Windows

Your doors and windows should be tightly shut during a storm to prevent debris from getting into your home, causing even more damage. You can install hurricane-grade doors and windows if your budget allows. Otherwise, go for more budget-friendly options, like storm shutters. Just make sure you add that “extra layer” of protection to your home.

Check on Your Garage Door

Even when everything else has been taken care of, your garage door could be the weakest link. A single garage door is better for areas that are vulnerable to storms, hurricanes, or tornados. However, if your home has double garage doors, make sure you reinforce them before the storm.

flooded roomClean Up Your Surrounding Areas

Trim any trees that could be vulnerable to hurricane or storm winds. Be sure to get rid of dead branches, remove patio furniture, and anything else that could be hazardous if left outside during a storm.

Get a Backup Generator

It’s not uncommon for power outages to happen during and after a storm. Get yourself a backup generator at home. Just make sure to run it outside, to avoid carbon monoxide build-up inside your home.

Be Sure to Get Flood Insurance

If you don’t have flood insurance yet, this is the time to get it. Floods can cause severe damage to your home, that could affect your financial stability. Flood insurance will help you deal with this situation without having to lose sleep over it. Talk to your insurance agent to figure out the best insurance options for your needs.

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