Minimize Fall & Winter Property Damage with These Tips

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How to Keep Your Home Safe Throughout Fall and Winter

We’re halfway through fall, and soon we’ll reach the busiest time of the year, not just because of the holidays but because insurance claims tend to rise during these two seasons. It is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, and to keep it that way; you need to take actions to protect your home. Here are five tips to keep your home safe from potential insurance risks during fall and winter:

Get a Home Security System

Even with the cold, break-ins are still a risk, particularly closer to the holiday season. You would be surprised how often porch theft happens. Home security systems come in real handy so that you can keep an eye on your home at all times. Getting cameras and motion detectors will help minimize your chance of falling victim to burglary or theft.

 5 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe Throughout Fall and WinterCheck on Your Roof

The last thing you want to do is greet winter with a damaged roof. Undetected leaks can represent a lot of damage. Inspect your roof and check for broken or missing shingles, visible holes and most importantly, take time to get into the details, to make sure you don’t miss anything. Roof damage can get out of control pretty quickly, which puts your home at risk of flooding and more.

Clean Your Gutters and Drains

Since you’ll be up there checking on your roof, you might as well check on your gutters and drains, too. All those beautiful fall leaves can end up in your gutters, along with twigs, dirt, and debris, causing your gutters to collapse with heavy rain. Clogged gutters don’t let the water run through, and that can lead to severe problems, like damages to your home foundation.

Take Measures Against Potential Fires

It might take you by surprise, but winter is the season when most house fires and fire deaths occur. Cranking up the heater is one of the reasons why this happens. Make sure you test your smoke alarms on a regular basis, keep a fire extinguisher in your home at all times —ensure that it’s loaded and handy, and don’t leave burning candles near flammable items.

Make Your House a Smart Home

Setting up home automation features can save you money and time, plus it’s convenient. Smart thermostats, for example, can help decrease your heatings costs by 12% and allow your home to be nice and warm by the time you get home. But that’s not all. Smart home features can get you discounts from individual insurance companies, making it even more worthwhile.

As a homeowner, keeping your home safe is a priority. Make sure you keep it safe with the right home insurance policies, in addition to taking actions to minimize potential risks. Keep your policy up to date to make sure you cover all your needs. Talk to your independent insurance agent at AAI Central in Colorado today to keep things in check and ensure your home is safe.

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