Liability and No-Fault Medical Coverage

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What’s covered in your homeowner’s policy?

Slip and fall injuries may sound innocent, but the cost of a broken bone can break the bank if you don’t have a homeowner’s insurance policy with proper liability coverage and no-fault medical coverage.

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If you leave toys out for people to trip over, you may be held liable for the medical expenses.

Liability coverage and no-fault medical coverage

An owner is liable for an accident if the injured party can prove negligence or intent. Negligence causes most slip and fall accidents:

  • Not warning your guests about a newly mopped, and not yet dry, floor
  • Not cleaning up spills or water dragged in from the outside
  • Not cleaning up clutter, especially if your kids have been playing with marbles or toy cars
  • Not repairing damaged stairs or floors
  • Not fixing loose carpeting, runners, and rugs

If the injured party can prove intent, then you are on your own. Your insurance policy isn’t going to protect you if you have a “Showgirls moment” and push your nemesis down the stairs.

If neither negligence or intent is the cause of an accident, some homeowners still choose a policy that has “no-fault medical coverage.” If there’s a type of insurance that gives you “cool points,” it would be no-fault coverage, because how cool is it to pay for an injury when you aren’t at fault? We think it’s pretty cool.

Colorado homeowner's insurance coverage

Clean up spills to avoid being held liable for a slip and fall on your property.

Seek advice from your independent insurance agent

If an injury has happened on your property and you are unsure whether you are liable or not, talk to your insurance agent. We can help you determine fault and help you file a claim.

Colorado home insurance coverage

Most home insurance policies will cover slip and fall accidents, but every policy is different. Don’t get caught off guard. Talk to your independent insurance agent about your homeowner’s insurance and find out what is covered, and how much.

Protect your biggest asset and have an AAI Central agent help you find the best home insurance for your Colorado home.

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