Keeping the Thieves Away

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Having home insurance doesn’t mean you are any less concerned with being robbed. Having a thief break into your home is scary and a huge violation. A home robbery is more than just losing your personal belongings. The emotional aftermath of a robbery can be tough to deal with for the entire family.  Take precautions and make your home unattractive to thieves.

Making your home unattractive to crooks and criminals

Getting an alarm system and great outdoor lighting are the first steps to keeping criminals from breaking into your home. A visible sign alerting everyone to the fact that you have an alarm system is a known deterrent. Have a sign close to the sidewalk so that potential thieves don’t even bother entering your yard.

Deterring criminals from breaking into your Colorado home

Visible surveillance cameras and a security system are the best way to deter criminals from breaking into your Colorado home.

If you don’t want bright lights shining all night long, motion sensor lights are a great alternative, plus they save energy by only turning on when something has triggered them. Of course, if you live near a forested area, or in a cat-friendly neighborhood, animals could trigger your lights all night long. You can compromise and only have a few strategically placed outdoor LED lights on at night and bring someone in who can adjust them properly. You don’t need to flood your whole yard with light. You may end up irritating your neighbors.

Always lock you doors and windows when you leave the house. You also want to lock your home up at night. Unfortunately, homes do get robbed while everyone is sleeping peacefully in their beds. If you have a window cracked at night, make sure it is latched, so that you can’t just push it open from the outside.

If you’ve just been shopping for a new computer, a new TV, a new game console, or something else valuable, make sure you break down the boxes and put them away. Don’t just put the boxes on the curb next to the garbage for everyone to see. A thief may be watching, and spotting the boxes for a new laptop or flatscreen may just be the sign they need to break into your home.

Tips to deterring thieves from breaking into your home

If you leave town, make sure your mail doesn’t pile up letting everyone know that you aren’t home.

When you’re planning a trip, make sure you get a neighbor or a friend to check in on our home. (See, this is just one reason you don’t want to irritate your neighbor with bright floodlights.) Cancel your newspaper delivery for the duration of your trip so that they don’t pile up on your front lawn. And, speaking of your front lawn, make sure someone still comes to mow the grass and tend to your garden, so that anyone who is watching can see that your house is still active and not just sitting unattended for a few weeks.

Home insurance for Colorado homes

Remember, thieves are never the sharpest tools in the shed. It’s not Ocean’s 11, 12 or 13. Your average thief is looking for an easy target. They’re not sitting around in their crime den with blueprints of your home and a book on how to crack open a safe using a paperclip and a stethoscope. The people who are looking to break into your home don’t want to work too hard to do it, so a little deterrence goes a long way.

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