5 Things to Keep in Mind When Moving into a New Place

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Planning for Move-In Day

There’s a lot to think about when you’re getting ready to move into a new place. Whether it’s an apartment, a home or a condo, if you’re renting, there are some specifics you should keep in mind, so everything goes smoothly when you move in.

Confirm the Date

Talk to your landlord to confirm the move-in date. Check to see if there is anyone else moving in on the same day as you. Be mindful of holidays or events that might be happening near your new location that can cause traffic issues and other delays.

moving into a new homeHave the Keys Handy

Make sure you have the keys with you before you move in and be sure to check they work as soon as they are handed to you. You want to be absolutely sure you can get into your new apartment on the day you move. Imagine paying all that money to move to a new place and then not being able to get in.

Ask for New Locks

Your landlord is responsible for changing the locks before you move in. Previous tenants might have returned the key when they left, but you can never be sure there are no copies around somewhere. Make sure copies are adequately stored, so no one else but you has access to your place. This is one of the main things you should check on to help prevent property damage like theft or break-ins.

Get Renters Insurance

Your landlord may have insurance, but that doesn’t typically cover your possessions. To protect yourself against property damage and loss, like fire, theft, or vandalism, you need to have renters insurance. Otherwise, you’ll have to face the financial issues that come with that loss all on your own.

Have a Plan B

Things don’t always turn out as planned. Talk to your landlord about what to do in a couple of different scenarios. For example: What happens if you lock yourself out or if you put a hole in a wall by accident when moving stuff in? There should always be a plan B.


If you want to know more about renters insurance, talk to your agent in Colorado to go over your options. Make sure you move into your new home with all the things you need already in place.

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