Is Your Colorado Home Covered for Winter Woes?

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Sleet, snow, and ice can cause major damage to your home. Make sure you have a comprehensive homeowner’s policy that will protect you against winter home damage. If you’re unsure what your policy will cover, talk to an agent to understand your current coverage. You may need to widen the scope of your policy to include common winter damage. Also, be proactive in protecting your home against snow, ice, and water damage.

Colorado home insurance

Colorado winter snow can quickly build up on your roof and cause damage.

Snow and ice can damage your roof

Provided your roof isn’t already damaged or compromised, it should be able to hold about 4 ft. of fresh powder, under  ft. of old packed down snow, or approximately 4 inches of ice. However, you may see 4 ft. of fresh snow, but it could be hiding some packed snow or ice underneath, so don’t let the snow pile up.

Ice dams can form on the eaves of your roof, preventing thawed ice and snow water from draining into your gutters and being directed away from your home. Water (and gravity) will find a way, so if it can’t make it to your gutters, it’ll sneak through your shingles and drain through your roof, walls, and interior.

Make sure your homeowner’s policy will cover the cost of sagging or collapsed roof, and any water damage that may have been caused by ice damming. If there is uncertainty, talk to an agent about expanding the scope of your policy to cover all snow, ice, and water damage.

Preventing winter home damage

Before you hit the slopes, check your roofing and gutter system to avoid common winter damage.

Check the installation of your roof and gutters

If a faulty installation is the cause of the damage, or you haven’t fixed a broken gutter system, the insurance company could deny your claim. Make sure you check and maintain your roof and gutter system to prevent winter damage.

Increase home insurance to cover winter damage

Snow, ice, and roof damage are among the most common types of home insurance claims.

Get more coverage on your homeowner’s insurance policy

We understand the concerns that Colorado homeowners have, especially in the winter time, because we all live in Colorado and have the same concerns. We are uniquely qualified to help fellow Coloradans find the best insurance for their Colorado homes.

Our agents are ready to assist you in understanding your policy and helping you determine if your policy is adequate for your home. If you need more insurance, extra insurance, or a new insurance policy, we’ll help you research and choose the perfect policy based on your home, location, and budget.

Talk to a local independent insurance agent about your home insurance needs.

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